Toothy Pains and Sophie

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

My poor Miss Rose is suffering with teething pains as a small fang attempts to bash it’s way out of her soft pink gums. It is giving her a remarkably vampiric quality when she savages my poor bruised nipples.

She doesn’t always seem to be suffering, and is usually her well tempered, pleasant and charming self; all smiles and giggles and burbles, but occasionally she gets a hot pink cheek and is obviously in pain.

Yesterday evening I took her out to our favourite restaurant where she has been going since she was a bump. She usually is happy to sit in her chair and watch, or sit on people’s laps having cuddles, and falls asleep about half way through for her nap. Last night she was in pain and she cried nearly the whole time. We’d distract her and she’d smile and then feel the pain again and start. It was so sad. Plus it messed with her nap time so she was over tired and angry. When we got home I had to get into her cot with her and nurse her to sleep which I try not to do usually.

The only thing I have found which helps is her Sophie The Giraffe. She was recommended to me by a midwife friend, and cost a lot more than I would generally spend on a teething toy, but gosh she was worth the money. I’d highly recommend her to anyone. She’s made of all natural rubber and squeaks which pleases both Miss Rose and my mother’s dog (who has been lured away from Sophie with a squeaky rubber burger). Because she has different sized shapes on her she will suit from very young right through the teething, currently Miss Rose favours Sophie’s ears which are nice and small, and she can grip the legs, and gosh she goes to town on those ears. Sophie is usually covered in drool which is gross, but she usually keeps my baby happy when the teething pains are niggling.

After a bad night’s sleep and an irritable morning I’ve managed to get her back to sleep for a nice nap wrapped in my blanket and I’m hoping it will help but who knows. Toothy pains are not fun for anyone involved!

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4 responses to “Toothy Pains and Sophie

  1. What does Sophie look like?



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