One Child Policy

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

The recent images of a baby boy being rescued from a sewage pipe after going down a toilet In china have brought to the attention of the world a few things.

In this case it was an accident, the woman had given birth in the bathroom not realising she was pregnant and due to the open nature of the toilets in poorer areas of China the baby fell down the toilet. However, the initial belief was that it had been an attempt at infanticide.


In China… No. Not shocking tragically.

China has a brutal one child policy which is strictly enforced. The fine for having any further children is three times your annual wage, so for the very wealthy it is affordable, but for anyone else it is crippling. This is why there is such a high abortion rate. However, many women cannot afford abortions. Backstreet abortions are routine, regardless of how far along the pregnancy is, and babies born secretly are abandoned. The lucky ones at orphanages (though the condition of many orphanages might lead you to wonder whether they’re the lucky ones) and the unlucky are abandoned in bins, or just killed instantly.

Areas are given targets to meet and every so often all the women who are found to be pregnant are rounded up and have forced terminations, whether they’re four weeks pregnant or four days from their due date. Any babies that survive late stage terminations are dumped with the bodies of those who didn’t. The mothers are sterilised without their consent.

Had this mother flushed her baby intentionally then it would not be a sign that the mother is evil. It would be a tragic representation of all that China’s one child regime represents. A desperate act by a desperate, frightened woman. In this case it was an accident but in so many cases it isn’t. We cannot blame the mothers. If you knew that your baby was either going to be put into an orphanage where they cannot afford to feed the children, they are left filthy in dirty nappies, squalid conditions, in the dark, or your child would be taken by the state and slaughtered, then perhaps killing it yourself would seem like the most sensible and humane option.

There has been a lot of talk in Britain recently about imposing limits on the number of children a woman can bare due to the strain on the welfare state. I have argued passionately against this in a previous blog and this is why. Once you start controlling the bodies of women and who can or can’t have a baby this is the path you start down. My body is my own, and if I lived in China my body would be the states to do with as it wishes. To hold down and force a brutal late stage termination of a viable child on, and then to discard the murdered baby in a bin. To do what it likes to my body to prevent me from getting pregnant again.

Find it in your heart to have sympathy for these mothers who kill their children, ask yourself what you’d do in their position, and most of all feel truly grateful that you live where you do.

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