Some Days It’s Hard

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

I love being a mum but my goodness some days it’s so hard. I am so tired and feel so guilty about so many things.

Before I had her I had so many intentions, so many plans. I was going to baby lead wean, which I am doing, but also use purees, which I am doing, purees which I was going to make myself fresh every day… erm…

I was going to be an amazing miracle of a mother with a clean home and a clean baby and show everyone how freaking awesome I am… erm…

I was never going to let her cry herself to sleep because it’s just cruel and will make her associate sleep with sadness… erm…

I have just let her cry herself to sleep after struggling to mop her up as both she and I are covered in the premade packet puree she got everywhere. I do not feel proud of this but I’m suspecting it’s more normal than I’m willing to let my guilty conscience accept.

Miss Rose is now seven months old and, according to my Health Visitor, this is an age when they start to learn habits that become hard to break, so now is the time I need to take charge. I decided today was the day. Today has been HARD.

She has always loved her food, not necessarily swallowed much of it, but seriously enjoyed the very mucky process.

She decided as of last night that she no longer wanted to eat. I don’t know why. She was hungry but as soon as I sat her in her high chair she started wailing and it only got worse when I offered her food. In the end I took her upstairs, calmed her down… then fed her biscuits… Great parenting move there. My main concern was filling her belly because the more she eats the more she sleeps and this child wants a lot of night feeds at the best of times.

Today has just been bad from the start. Refused her breakfast, then when I was cleaning and her dad gave her snack and she tossed everything aside angrily… except biscuit…

By lunch time she was hungry and angry and refusing to eat and getting more angry and after a morning of tired, hungry, angry baby and facing an afternoon of the same and feeling utterly miserable I put her in her cot and shut the door. She screamed for about 8 minutes then went to sleep and I collapsed in a heap of baby food on the sofa and breathed.

Some days this is very, very hard. I knew she was hungry and tired but couldn’t explain to her that she needed to eat then needed to sleep to make herself feel better. She couldn’t explain to me why she was refusing to do just that. When she refuses to eat she wakes up a lot in the night to feed… some have told me to just ignore her in the night and let her cry herself back to sleep whilst others have told me to give her a bottle of water… and others have told me to keep feeding her through the night as I am. Each argument each person made is with vigour and experience and passion… but which to listen to?

I so desperately just want her to be happy. I want her to be healthy. I want to be a good mother and do all the right things and have a perfectly fed, perfectly behaved, perfectly clean child in a perfectly clean home but it is not quite working out that way and some days that really, really sucks.

Mothering is hard and until I had her I didn’t appreciate what people said when saying “it’s the best but hardest job you’ll ever do”

This is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life… but my gosh it’s the hardest. There is no break. There is no let up. There is no do overs. I get one shot at raising this person to be a good, kind, successful person who can live and survive happily in this world.

Good job she’s cute, innit?

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Thanks as always for reading, and I’ll speak to you soon I hope!


9 responses to “Some Days It’s Hard

  1. I still feel quilty about so many things from when my children were little, They keep telling me I did a good job so I guess it is a mum thing. Keep at it. You re a great mum.


  2. Oh my goodness she’s changed so much!! You are doing so well. I’m going to do half baby lead half purée. Is it tough?


    • I know! She’s growing up so fast.

      I think it’s easier than pure baby lead because obviously its much easier for her to eat purées in the beginning, she’s only now just starting to eat finger food rather than just playing with it and sucking it and spitting it out. I’m calling it the lazy mums baby lead! I just make sure she has finger foods available with every meal. She now likes to spoon feed herself, she hates me to do it for her, so I think she’s learning skills from it that are valuable.


      • Thank you for your advice. I weaned my first at 5months although developmentally she was only 3months as she was 7wks early. This time my OH wants me to wait until 6m. I’m so eager to start now haha


      • I started trying early but she wouldn’t take it until she was ready. She had no interest until she was just over 6 months. I was so desperate for her to start!!


  3. I can relate to everything you’ve mentioned! The guilty feeling, having no break, and trying to do everything to make her happy!
    Sometimes the only good moment I have after a long hard day is when I complain about all of this to my husband and he tells me “Your baby is lucky to have you as her mother” because he knows I’m trying my best.
    Maybe your baby was refusing food because she’s teething? Don’t be so hard on yourself dear. And remember that perfection is nonexistent.
    If it would make you feel any better, here is a list of some not-so-perfect things that I do:
    1) My daughter is 6.5 mnths now and I never gave her fresh purees. I always make batches and freeze. If I was going to make fresh purees every single day I’ll never have the time to play with her!
    2) I also wanted to do BLW with the purees, which I did for a week then gave up just because it’s too messy and she scares me when she gags.
    3) I did the Ferber/CIO method even before she was 6 mnths old. But honestly now I can say that this was the best thing I ever did for her. She cries much less now. It wasn’t fun when I was sleep-training her though…



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