HH Project: Sink and Drain Cleaner


The chemicals used to clear drains strike me as particularly potent and potentially lethal, so a safe version is particularly appealing.

Before cleaning your drain it’s worth considering that a blockage is usually caused by hair, my brother’s girlfriend’s is particularly destructive and wiry; many a drain has fallen foul of her moulting head bush. The most effective way of clearing hair out of a drain is to squirt hair remover cream down it, the kind you use on your legs, leave it for ten minutes or so then rinse. Voila, hair dissolved. Even coarse wiry bush hair.

To clean the drain and hopefully get rid of smells heap a generous amount of bicarbonate of soda onto the drain. Remember to get it from somewhere such as a Chinese supermarket or online in a big sack, do not get it in a little tub from the baking aisle of ASDA!!! I probably use about as much as would fill a mug to do the drain in my kitchen sink, enough that it’s piled on top but not so much as it spreads onto the rest of the sink. Then get your jug of white vinegar and pour it over the top. It gives a wonderful fizzzzzzzzz and bubbles away in a way which seems effective even if it were useless. It’s a very satisfying thing. Pour enough on that there is no unfizzed bicarb left, a good few glugs should do it. Leave it fizzing for 10-20 minutes then rinse with hot water. The drain and surrounding work should now be clean and pong free!

To do the rest of the sink do the same thing, but sprinkle the bicarb round then pour the white vinegar onto a scouring sponge and scrub away. Add more vinegar as needed to get an effective cleaning fizz. It’s one of my favourite cleaning activities, purely for the aesthetics!

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Thanks as always for reading, and I’ll speak to you soon I hope!


2 responses to “HH Project: Sink and Drain Cleaner

  1. You make cleaning sound fun. I actually want to clean the sink. Thank you.



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