Make Womb

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Last night I watched “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor” and watched agog as surgeons performed a womb transplant, and in an instant gave hope to millions of fertility challenged women around the world.

The surgery was performed on a woman born without a womb, the donor womb; her mother’s. The womb she had once inhabited was now inside her, it’s quite poetic as well as incredible. They don’t know whether the attached womb will be able to support a pregnancy yet and the recipient must wait a year before trying, but if it can then what an incredible achievement!

I’ve discussed before how adoption is something I am not only comfortable with but actively hope to do one day, despite being blessed with excellent fertility and actively enjoying both pregnancy and childbirth. But I’m rare, and whilst I think it’s desperately sad that more people are not comfortable with the idea of adoption, I also know how amazing it is when advances in fertility treatments are made.

Could womb transplants one day end the desperate, tragic battle women face as they seek reproduction? It would be utterly amazing if they could. Take a functioning womb, a tried and tested one, and pass it on to a woman in need. If Miss Rose needed that surgery then I wouldn’t hesitate. If she had that desperate desire to experience pregnancy and the amazing world that puts you in then she could take it. It would be magical to do that for her.

There’s a lot of criticism of advances like this. The world is over populated, there are millions of unwanted children needing homes, and the time and money put into developing treatments like this could be put into fighting cancer or AIDs. But it is important and it does matter. Yes these are all true statements and they do give me pause for thought, they are issues I too consider when advances like this are made, but who is to say what is more deserving? Criticisms are constantly lodged against plastic surgery… Until a burn victim’s face is reconstructed or a child born with a deformed mouth is given a smile. Perhaps these are not “medically” essential treatments and the treated person could have survived without these procedures, but there’s a huge difference between surviving and living. Surviving is something you struggle through, living is something you love. Life about more than survival.

I truly hope that this woman’s transplant is successful and she manages to grow a healthy baby to term. If it works then life is about to get that little bit brighter for millions of women.

I raise my glass to medical advancements and modern technology. I tip my hat to the surgeons attempting it, the mother generous enough to donate, and the woman brave enough to be experimented on. May any children bore of this process be as loved and adored as Miss Rose, and may any new mums feel as blessed as I do.

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3 responses to “Make Womb

  1. I didn’t see this programme but I really hope it works. I also would love to adopt and I like you am fertile and thankfully able to have my own children. My reasoning is it breaks my heart to think of all the children out there without a proper home and family, I’d love to give any one of those children exactly that, a loving home and a family that will support them no matter what. I cant understand why anyone wouldn’t want to be a part of that. Fingers crossed that lady is a mummy soon x



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