Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Miss Rose has been poorly. Not dangerously so but definitely poorly.

It started gradually once I stopped breastfeeding. She started getting occasional bouts of nappy rash for the first time, and every so often she would be very sick despite never having formerly been a pukey baby. Gradually it got worse. Her poop went from brown to yellow and green, it was lumpy and stringy and smelled shocking. She started to go more and more, until she was pooping in a spray of gunge every hour or more. She started throwing up excessively and got very whiney and unhappy.

Previously we had put the gradual changes down to her tummy adapting to the change from breast milk to formula, but after a particularly hideous vom session we went to the health visitor for advice.

The initial recommendation was to drastically reduce the number of bottles she had a day to three, as perhaps it was too much milk causing the problems. We tried it but my poor girl was both furious and miserable, she was screaming out for milk and waking in the night crying out. We gave it a couple of days but she was miserable. She stopped being sick but was very unhappy and still had disgusting poop.

My mum is a wise woman and suggested we try lactose free milk, perhaps she is lactose intolerant. We are waiting on the test results from her poop samples but got a prescription for lactose free formula to try.

She was distinctly unimpressed and despite being hungry for a bottle and utterly miserable but still wouldn’t take it. She pulled the bottle to her face, sucked, then freaked out and flung her body away. A quick google check found that many people had experienced this problem and the lactose free formula tastes disgusting. We put a spoon of Nesquik chocolate powder in and bang, she drank it. After drinking a small amount she finally went to sleep after screaming and wailing all day. That night she took another bottle and slept through after a string of bad nights.

Her nappy rash has cleared up. She hasn’t been sick. Her poops are now healthily brown and firm. She is happy, relaxed and back to the same Miss Rose! It is amazing as it has only been two days.

If you think something is wrong then get it checked. I wish I had checked sooner because knowing I’ve basically been poisoning her by feeding her the milk which has been making her get sicker and sicker is mummy torture. I feel constantly guilty for things when I haven’t done anything wrong so knowing I have is just awful. Get things checked. If you’re told no its fine, then at least you know. If things are wrong then you can find out and get it made right as quickly as possible.

We are getting an appointment for Miss Rose with a dietician soon to find out more, but for now I have a happy, healthy baby again so I’m a very relieved mummy.

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