Catch The Pigeon

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Yesterday Miss Rose and I spent well over an hour stalking pigeons. We also wandered in and out of the book shop, where she spent a great deal of time trying to get me to buy her a book called “I, Lucifer”, and dancing to some guy who was beatboxing.

It was altogether a wonderful experience. For both of us.

Some people seemed less than impressed by our antics however.

People are busy, and I understand that. Sometimes Miss Rose has to be strapped into her buggy whilst I power walk to an appointment, and no “pidgy” (pigeon) or “baboon” (balloon) sighting can hinder our progress. I also know that I am in the very fortunate position of having time to stalk pigeons with my daughter. But doing that, taking that time, meandering around whilst my daughter shrieks with enthusiasm and chases pigeons, it’s not a bad thing.

As we stalked some pigeons round a tree, and Miss Rose giggled in delight when the flew off, and I dramatically flung my hands in the air declaring “DICK DASTARDLY, THE PIGEONS HAVE ESCAPED AGAIN!” some women tutted. I don’t know why. Perhaps use of “Dick?” (titter titter), perhaps being loud in public, perhaps an adult behaving like a child? I don’t know. And quite honestly I don’t care. Miss Rose had a brilliant time, it was outdoor entertainment, so fresh air and exercise, and it was free. Plus we both had fun. No amount of tutting or aghast looks will prevent me from celebrating that.

Fortunately most people do not seem to find my style of parenting to be offensive or irritating. A few weeks ago I was crawling through the café at the gym (Miss Rose finds it very funny when we both crawl) and suddenly realised I had just crawled past the new gym manager who was watching my elevated bottom bobbing along with curious look on his face. Other times he has seen me hurtling down the corridor towards the changing rooms with her and a toy car, or throwing her in the air whilst chatting to the girls on the bar. I could easily be “that annoying mum” who charges around with her wayward toddler. He could consider my presence in his rather nice establishment to be a nuisance. Yesterday he stopped me just to tell me he thinks I’m a really good mum and he loves to see me being so involved with my child.

Did I mention he is now one of my favourite people?

Life is short, and childhood is shorter. Yes we have lives that are busy and hectic, and yes we can’t always dedicate hours at a time to the pure amusement of our children. But sometimes, even if it’s just once a month, take a bit of time and go on a pigeon hunt. Sing “Catch the pigeon”. Dance to a busker’s music. Breathe the air, feel the sun and the wind, and experience the excitement a child can feel when a pigeon is just feet away.

These things are only amazing when you’re young. Be young again. Chase the pigeons.

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