We’re Going On A Sheep Hunt

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

We have pet sheep, Clementine and Winston, and Miss Rose utterly adores them.

They live in the garden and meander around chomping the grass, and occasionally amble up to the windows to peer in and baa at us. Clementine is the brains of the operation, she is busy plotting ways to take over the world whilst she chews on branches. Winston is a bit thick. He doesn’t even realise he has feet. But they’re both very lovely.

Rose loves them and regularly shouts “baa” at them with a great deal of enthusiasm. She has several toy sheep, including her favourite soft toy, appropriately named “Sheep”, who sleeps on her pillow and regularly receives snotty kisses and cuddles.

The bad weather of Winter, and the typical British Spring, has meant that playtime with the sheep has been greatly limited. Quick visits to pat noses, delivery of hay and assorted sheep treats, and occasional welliboot clad stomps through the mud. But Spring has arrived!

A guaranteed way to cheer up even the grumpiest of Rose moods is to take her on a sheep hunt. She may be shrieking and shouting, stamping her feet and throwing herself around, but suggest a sheep hunt and through the snot and tears comes a “yeah”, she drags herself up, and heads for the door.

Fortunately our sheep are either oblivious to the fact they are being stalked round the house, or they simply don’t mind. We hunt them down then baa at them. Miss Rose stomps up, in the delicate way toddlers tend to stomp, and pats Winston firmly on the snout several times. She then gives him a firm shove in the belly to make him move out the way, then plants several soggy “MWAH” kisses on Clementines face. Neither seem to mind these displays of affection. Indeed, they often approach her themselves.

I love having sheep. If you have the opportunity to visit hand reared sheep, such as at a child friendly farm, then I would highly recommend it. They’re sweet, and friendly, and patient. They let an over excited toddler shower them in kisses and cuddles, and shout baa at them.

Going on a sheep hunt is sure to be a popular way to spend our summer days.

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