Bling Up Baby

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

I am a firm believer in letting people raise their children in whatever way works for them. So long as a child is happy and healthy, it’s nobodies business. We all have different priorities, we all believe in different parenting styles, and, most importantly, we all have different children. What works for one family for one child, won’t necessarily work for another.

That said, I find the families shown in channel five’s “Blinging Up Baby” to be, in some instances, a little disturbing.

The general principle of frilly dresses, sequins, sparkly nail polish etc doesn’t offend me. Nor does it concern me. Whilst I am not a baby-blinger, as it were, I have painted Rose’s toenails (her request when I am painting mine and she demands “MUMMY!” whilst pointing at her feet) and I happen to think she looks rather splendid in a tutu. Something she agrees on as she declares “pretty!” whilst plucking at the fabric and grinning.

However, relaxed though I may be about many aspects of this fashion, there are elements I find worrying. I find the sight of a four year old girl in a bedazzled Hooters costume thrusting her crotch on stage to be worrying. I find a girl crying “no mummy I’m scared” whilst she’s being pushed to go on stage to be sad. I find the use of spray tans on little girls to be wrong. Things that scream “sex” and “pressure” make me uncomfortable, especially when it’s with children.

Spangly nails and pretty dresses are fun. They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but they don’t hurt anyone. I probably get judged for Miss Rose having painted toenails but I think that is stupid; she enjoys it, nobody gets hurt. Yes some mums go further than me, they choose to spend their money on more things for the children than I would ever buy for Miss Rose. But that is their business.

Photo credit Debbie News

Photo credit Debbie News

I think the problem is, everyone draws their own line. I find a Hooters costume and a spray tan to be hideously inappropriate for a four year old. Or a ten year old. To be honest I’m not convinced I’m a fan on adult women but that at least doesn’t creep me out. But on a child? No. Just wrong. Just sex. But for those mothers? It’s fine. It’s fun.

Where you drawer the line is ultimately up to you. Just my advice would be not to do things that on an adult woman are designed to be sexual. Let children have fun, play with sparkles, dress up in tutus. But there are lines that should not be crossed. Lines that turn things from innocent little kids playing, to little girls being made into mini adult women. For me that is the step too far.

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6 responses to “Bling Up Baby

  1. So true and yet so many items of kids clothing is, to me, adult and slightly provocative. Little girls should be little girls, they should not be sexualized. Things like this make me more thankful that I have a boy.


    • I agree. At the pool yesterday I was genuinely shocked at some of the swim things little girls were wearing.


      • jodiebloomer

        I can imagine. I don’t agree with children wearing bikinis, yet there are so many around. They are only the start of it too. Unfortunately though it is not something that will change now.


      • I don’t think it’s the bikinis I mind, it’s when they are super tiny small and leopard print. Some people I know don’t agree with children wearing the one piece style Miss Rose wears and think they should be fully covered with the wetsuit style, but I don’t agree. I think everyone has their limits, but I know where I start to think its inappropriate!


  2. I actually know the lady with the two girls called Princess and Precious. Who let’s her eldest have a spray tan. I was sat there watching it gob smacked. I generally thought that from her fb photos that she just went on holiday a lot and am disgusted to know it’s spray tan!!



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