Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

I shouldn’t be surprised, though I am somewhat, but Miss Rose has turned into a head banger.

I don’t think she is as committed to the practice as many toddlers, but it appears she is experimenting to see if it garners the desired results.

My child is, whilst delightful and beautiful and lovely, a strong willed little madam. She is also smart and stubborn. This is why I shouldn’t be surprised that she has learned that when she bangs her head she gets attention.

When I am cooking I close the stair gate into the kitchen ensuring that a certain person can’t get her hands onto the hob, or her face against the oven, or pull knives off the work top. It means I can carry pans of hot water or sauce and not worry that I am going to trip over a wayward infant and cause one or both of us damage.

Miss Rose does not approve of this practice.

Quite often she is happy to watch TV, play with her toys, and generally amble around. She will often come to the gate to tell me something important, “Mummy, Mummy, shoes!”, or to watch what I’m doing. That’s fine. But sometimes she is not happy. Sometimes she is quite insistent that it is not fine. Sometimes the fact I am not focussed on her quite the opposite of fine.

I have tried explaining to her that the fact I’m cooking her dinner is evidence to the fact I am focussed on her, because if I wasn’t focussed on her she wouldn’t have anything to eat. That’s still not an alright explanation for my shocking and neglectful behaviour.

I pick her up, give her a cuddle, put her back down and get back to cooking. She shrieks and yells a bit, then gets bored and wanders off.

Until now…

This evening she looked at me defiantly, smacked her head against the stair gate, wailed “BANG!” then cried.

“Rose, did you do that deliberately?”


“Does it hurt?”


“Well then don’t do it again!”

She frowned, then swung as though to smack her head but stopped last minute. However, the same performance of “BANG!” followed by wails of tears occurred. That time it was actually a little bit funny. She blatantly did not smack her head and was attempting to find a half way point of getting the attention she gains from a head bump, as well as not actually having to go through the discomfort of smacking her head. Quite the little actress I’m raising.

A couple more, significantly more gentle, head bumps later and she gave up. I told her that she was being very silly, and if she doesn’t like banging her head to stop doing it. She nodded, sat on the floor and watched me whilst glaring in a way that only a defeated toddler can, then left me do it and watched Nina and the Neurons.

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