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Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

I went through a spell of being a total Pinterest addict. I pinned clothes I’d never wear, house alterations I could never afford, gifts I would never buy, and, my main drug of choice, craft ideas to do with and for Miss Rose.

Pinterest is a beautiful place full of hope and ideals. Or at least it started that way. It soon turned into the desolate land of the failed mother.

Well… for me anyway…

I have mummy friends who are true Pinterest Mums, and I bow before these women for their patience, creativity, and all around dedication to their offspring. They create magnificent items from food to clothes, sculptures to imaginative games. Their children are perpetually smiling and smeared in a film of glitter glue and joy.

Mine recently learned to burp deliberately and proudly declares “I belched mummy”.

I had such good intentions, and figured it would be a doddle. Before Miss Rose I loved to sew, paint and draw. I had fabrics stuff everywhere, an addiction to buying threads and buttons, and well used paint supplies. I designed and created for the pure love of it, and Pinterest showed me that I could transition those left behind passions into motherhood with ease.

Photo credit GreyerBaby

Photo credit GreyerBaby

After my husband left I decided we needed to create something that was “us”. I had been bought a giant canvas by my father for Christmas, and finger paints by a friend, so I set to work unleashing the two together with a toddler for a catalyst. Don’t get me wrong, what we created is one of my most favourite things in my own house. The canvas is splattered with both our hand prints in green and pink and a liberal splashing of glitter dripping down it and smeared chaotically. It truly is a piece of art that represents us and our mother/daughter/mess bond.

There was also paint on the floor, the walls, the furniture, up my nose, down her nappy, in my ear, in her hair, and I’m pretty sure we both ingested more than is technically safe. She nearly put her feet through it several times, licked it more than once, and had a huge strop about getting in the bath to wash it off.

Gosh I am lazy.

I do arts and crafts with her in the most simple of forms and on occasions. We made Christmas cards with beads and buttons glued all over them (most of which fell off in the envelope and probably left most recipients with a puzzled look before they carefully placed them in the bin), we have felt tip pens out quite often for drawing (although she discovered she can give herself “tattoos” to match The Boy), and she loves her crayons (which by the way take some serious elbow grease to get off the wall). But real, actual, Pinterest style creations? The kind that take more effort than pushing  a box of crayons at my child then drinking coffee whilst I watch the havoc unfurl?

Photo credit CRKMaga

Photo credit CRKMaga

Lazy. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

I officially doth my cap to the Pinterest Mums. Maybe one day, when the tsunami of madness that is our style has calmed down, I will dip my toe back into the world of Pinterst. I still have the app…  I get notifications from Pinterest Mum friends… I just daren’t look for fear of reminding myself that maybe coffee for me and a box of cars for her isn’t the best I could achieve in the parenting stakes that day.

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Thanks as always for reading, and I’ll speak to you soon I hope!


2 responses to “Pinterest Mums

  1. I love both pinterest and the website pinterest fail. It brings balance to the perfect pinterest world knowing other people have disasters when they give it a go too!


  2. Reblogged this on expectant mummy.



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