Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

A recent add campaign for Always really moved me.


To do something “like a girl” has a negative connotation. If you throw badly you’re throwing “like a girl”, if you can’t hit hard then you’re fighting “like a girl”. Men are told “don’t be such a girl” if they show vulnerability. If you are cowardly or scared you’re told you’re a “pussy” or “fanny”. “Big girl’s blouse” is one I heard a lot growing up if someone was being weak.

“You girl”

“Don’t be such a girl”

“Man up”

“Grow a pair”


“Brass balls”

Why? Why is this the attitude we are so accustomed to?

Women are not weak, they are not inferior, they are not incapable.

Photo Credit Efes

Photo Credit Efes

When compared to a vagina you’re being called weak, yet a woman’s vagina handles childbirth. Compared to balls and you’re strong, yet you can bring a man crying to his knees with minimal contact to them.

This image of women being weak is centuries old and perpetuated by men in power and, yet, as society opens it’s eyes and sees what women can actually accomplish, that view should surely change? Keeping women down by telling people they’re weak will only be affective for as long as people believe they are weak. For as long as “like a girl” can be used as an insult.

As opportunities as granted more and more to women, sports opening up, sponsorship deals being granted, women are competing more and more in the sporting arena. As more women are given that chance, as money and time is invested in women’s skills, the distance between genders in what is achieved closes.

Girls in school are consistently achieving higher grades in their qualifications than their male peers.

As more industries and businesses gradually become accepting of female’s in the boy’s club business setting, women are proving their strength of mind, intelligence, and business acumen.

Like a girl.

I am a girl. I am a woman. I am a mother and I am a daughter. These are not weaknesses. They do not make me inferior. Having a vagina does not make me weak or cowardly or stupid. My brain makes me smart, my body makes me strong, my mind makes me tough.

I shall not be raising Miss Rose to believe doing anything “like a girl” is a bad thing.

As times change, as women accomplish more and more, “like a girl” won’t pass as an insult anymore. It just won’t work because it will be clear that doing anything “like a girl” is doing it well and doing it with success. Because having a vagina will not hold you back anymore. So do your part. Do things “like a girl” and be proud of that and never use female traits as an insult. If we break the cycle in Miss Rose’s generation then “like a girl” will lose it’s power.

Think like a girl.

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