Nailed It

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

I think we have had a proper “By jove I think she’s got it” moment with Miss Rose with regards to her sleeping.

I have always said that anything I do to raise Miss Rose, as long as it works for us I’ll do it. If it stops working, I’ll change it. Things stopped working.

In the night Miss Rose was wanting three or four bottles of milk, she was waking constantly, crying frequently, and getting up at 5 am. I was coping, and getting by, but to be honest I felt dreadful most of the time. To maintain a normal adult life I wasn’t going to bed until past 11, which combined with the lack of solid sleep and early starts, left me coping daily on just a couple of hours worth of broken sleep. In short, I felt like I was dying.

Thus began the experiments.

I tried feeding her at different times, giving her later naps, earlier naps, later dinner, earlier dinner, more milk, less milk. I night weaned her again which gave us a few very difficult nights filled with the abject misery of her wanting bottles and coping with the refusal quite badly. At one point whilst trying to soothe her she head butted me full force in the nose. It hurt. A lot. But we got there, and she stopped asking for milk in the night.

Photo credit Dagon

Photo credit Dagon

Eventually, after trial and error, we found something that worked and she slept through! The only problem was it had meant staying up until 930 at night watching a movie and eating Indian take away. In theory not a problem except that late a night meant I got hardly any time with The Boy, and we can’t afford take away curry every night (either financially or the price it would take on our health!).

Compromise solves everything. She now goes upstairs to bed at 8, and goes to sleep by 830. She has dinner at 630 and we watch a movie together or some TV until bed time. She came and got into my bed at 5 this morning (a time which she would usually be getting up to start the day after several hours of moaning and fussing) and went back to sleep until nearly 730. No fussing, no crying. Just got into bed, cuddled down, and went straight back to sleep.

The difference we feel is amazing. I’m more alert and drinking less coffee. She’s in brighter spirits and better behaved. We both feel happier and more cheerful.

This is marvellous apart from when it goes wrong. On Saturday we spent the night at my mum’s house. Miss Rose ADORES her nanny and was so completely excited to be there that when bedtime rolled around after snuggling down to watch Monster’s University, she was furious and wouldn’t go. Then she screamed and cried for nanny to do her bedtime. Then at 2 she woke up, asked for nanny, asked for a bottle, asked to go in nanny’s bed and generally thrashed around as though she were possessed by some kind of Hollywood devil spirit. She was furious.

At 330 we got up. I gave her, it wasn’t going to happen, and to be honest being downstairs watching TV and drinking coffee seemed preferable to failed attempts at luring on sleep.

I was worried that it would be the end of the sleeping pattern and she would need to be coaxed back into it all over again, but nope, straight back in. Straight back to sleep at normal times once we were back at home.

By jove, I think she’s got it.

I’m not expecting to have no more bad nights ever, and I’m not expecting the same pattern to work forever, but it works for now. If it works for now we’ll keep doing it. Once it stops working, we’ll change it.


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