Beta Baby

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Miss Rose is used to being the biggest. At home she’s six months older than Z, but quite a bit larger. At playgroup, although not one of the oldest, she’s one of the biggest and has the confidence to match up to those few that are bigger. At two and a half she wears a lot of age four clothes, has a very large vocabulary, and charges around like a baby bulldozer. We call her Godzilla and with good reason. Miss Rose is a force to be reckoned with.

This weekend we went away with The Boys entire family. Whilst I was busy worrying about whether I would shape up next to The Boy’s brother’s quite remarkably successful and beautiful partners, I was also twitching about whether Miss Rose would crash and smash too much.

The Boy’s Middle Brother has a daughter. She is blonde, like Miss Rose. She is beautiful, like Miss Rose. She is tall, like Miss Rose. But she is nearly four and, like Miss Rose, significantly taller than most her age and with a more advanced vocabulary.

I have always thought of Miss Rose as an alpha female; a leader, a boss. Around Jay I saw a new side to her personality, one much more like her mother.


I am a natural beta female. I have no desire to be a leader, no urge to take charge. I am very happy in a supporting role, letting another woman in the group take control and then just bumbling along minding my own business and being left alone, helping out when required. Turns out, that when confronted with Jay, Miss Rose fell into a beta female role immediately.

Jay was the boss, Miss Rose gazed at her with adoration, and allowed herself to be lead. When she tried new things, she looked to Jay for approval. When Jay was able to scramble up and down from high chairs, Miss Rose was determined to copy and, despite getting stuck and panicking numerous times, she kept on trying. Wherever we went and whatever we did, if Jay was doing something, Miss Rose wasn’t far behind.

Watching Jay who, in so many ways is very similar to Miss Rose, is fascinating as I feel it gives me insight into what Miss Rose will soon be. Jay, a natural leader, however may always take charge when it comes to the younger children. Will Miss Rose fall into a more subservient role as she ages, automatically serving a queen bee? Or will she, in certain settings, herself be the queen? It’s impossible to know, but watching her little hero worship crush on Jay was both adorable and fascinating, and, as she keeps on growing incredibly fast, I suspect it won’t be long until I find out!

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