Peter Scully and Absolute Parental Fear

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

I will start this article by asking you not to google Peter Scully.  Not because it brings him fame or anything but because I wouldn’t wish the knowledge of his crimes on anybody.  It hurts my brain too much with just the little I know.  So that’s my request.  I’ll discuss him a little in this post but please don’t go looking for more.  Please.

Yesterday I saw on Social Media the the Philippines are thinking of reintroducing the Death Penalty for a man named Peter Scully.  I like to keep abreast of the news, have a knowledge of the world around me not just the UK, and also I’m a big believer in knowing about the truth of the world.  So I googled him.

Peter Scully is an Australian man who got his sexual gratification from the torture and abuse of children.  Who filmed is work and marketted it to others around the world who’s pleasure comes from watching the innocence, minds and bodies of children destroyed.

I didn’t finish the article.  I couldn’t.  It goes against my beliefs because, as I said, I like to know.  If we don’t know how can we be prepared, how can we fight against it, how can we protect people?  If we don’t know the evils of the world we will live in ignorance and it’ll take us by surprise, more people will get away with it.  But I couldn’t read it.  I was in tears by the opening of the article and I closed it.  But it haunts me.

I understand why people are helicopter parents.  Why they never let their children out of their sight.  I understand because as soon as I read that article I wanted to hotfoot it to nursery, pick up Miss Rose, and never let her out of my sight again.  I know the chances of a man like Peter Scully taking my children are tiny.  I know that technically they’re rare.  But they’re out there.  They’re travelling the world abducting children.  There are so many mothers out there having to find out how their children died at the hands of monsters like him, and how many people enjoyed watching it happen.

Recently we’ve been having problems with Miss Rose being a flight risk.  She’s run off from us, either in a panic or in anger, and it’s scared me.  Terrified me.  I’m not blind to the world.  Reading about Peter Scully didn’t teach me something I don’t already know, it just reinforced it.  Reminded me just how depraved and evil some people truly can be.

I’ve been told we come down too harshly on Rose sometimes, when she runs we shouldn’t be so angry.  But now I’m even more certain.  If my baby runs she could be found by someone like Peter Scully.  She could be found and taken by someone like Peter Scully.  And that could be her fate.  Yes the chances are small but it happens.  It happens to children around the world.  It could happen to mine.

One day I know I’ll have to let her go, trust her to walk to the playground or the shops alone.  I know I still have to leave her at nursery school and trust other people not to lose her.  I have to let her go to grandparents and friend’s and rely on them not to lose her.  I have to accept that not everyone in the world is Peter Scully.  I have to learn to let her go and just put my hope and faith in the good of humanity that they won’t do to her what Peter Scully did to his victims.

I’m anti-death penalty by nature.  I don’t believe killing is right.  I don’t believe you teach people that killing is wrong by killing.  I believe there is always a chance of wrong convictions and those who suffer them deserve a chance a life which can’t happen if you’ve killed them.

But I understand the Philippines reconsidering it for this man.  I understand.  I don’t think they’re wrong.  Even though it goes against what I believe, even though I still can’t call myself pro-death penalty, and even though I kind of judge myself for saying it.  I hope they bring it back.  For as long as he is alive he poses a potential threat to children.  For as long as he is alive there is the chance he can escape or be released, and then there is the chance that another child could suffer the fate of those in the videos he made, and any others he didn’t film.

Don’t google him.  You’ll have the same feelings as me and suddenly never want to let your children out of the house.  Don’t do that to yourself.  Don’t let the idea that it could be your child in that position take root in your brain and flower.  It’s poison.  It’s agony.  I know it will haunt my nightmares for years to come and I know one day I’ll wave my little girls off and the poison will start to trickle in again until they’re home safe.  Every time.

There is such evil in the world.  And such purity and innocence.  And when those two collide that is the worst of all things.

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