‘Good Men’ / ‘Feminist Men’ Who Throw Women Under The Bus

This is a fascinating person whom I respect massively. Please read x

Smashing Gender Prejudice And Patriarchy

The ‘Not Guilty’ verdict for Ched Evans in his recent re-trial for rape has left many women angry and rightfully so. This has sent rape trials back 30 years where the defence can use any means to attack the victim as what was seen in this recent trial.

Women no longer have any rights in the UK courts. They are just pieces of meat to a misogynistic legal system. It isn’t just rape trials either. Look at the failure to prosecute men in domestic violence trials? Point proven!

I want to look at this from another angle though. An angle where I identify as a gender non-conforming male and how I see ‘Good Men / ‘Feminist Men’ and how I feel about their actions towards women..

Here I am on the streets of Birmingham a few weeks ago. I’m handing out Mr Right / Mr Wrong cards which are made…

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