Hate Storm

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

Click to visit the Siren Stories website and read more work by J.J. Barnes and check out her latest novels.

America is not my country.  Donald Trump is not my president.  Despite this, I find myself feeling a massive amount of grief since he won the US 2016 elections.  I have been close to tears about it.  I’ve felt sick about it.  I genuinely feel like I’m in mourning.  And I am angry.

People who were campaigning against Trump being elected have been accused of winning him the election by being so very vocal in the disgust for him and his politics.  Being rude about him and his followers apparently drove more people into his hate filled arms, fed up of being a minority who’s opinions are not respected.  It is the fault of the left wingers, the feminists, the minorities for being so open about how vile they have found his campaign to be.

Photo credit John Hain

Photo credit John Hain

But I cannot accept that.  It is not the fault of those campaigning against him.  Those campaigning against him are the ones who will suffer most under him.  It is victim blaming in the extreme to suggest those who will be abused by his leadership should not speak out, should not fight, should not point out every damn lie, every piece of racist trash, every accusation of sexual abuse.  That those he will destroy the lives of should just sit back and be polite, to make sure that the white men of America do not feel oppressed anymore.

Their voices aren’t being heard, so they vote for Trump.

But their voices have been heard.  They have been heard for centuries which is why it has taken until now to have a black man in power and a woman close to taking over the job from him.  Their voices are the ones that have dominated every election, every political rally, every law making judgment.

Their voices were finally being brought down to allow other voices to rise up.  To finally allow other people a chance to speak and be heard.  Equally.

But no.  The other voices spoke.  They had their chance to be heard and they took it.  They pointed out inequality, the campaigned for freedom over their own bodies, they fought to be seen as human beings and not just “immigrants.”  They fought and they campaigned and they were welcomed by so many with open arms…

But yet those voices speaking up did not make the voices of power listen and realise what pain they have been causing.  They didn’t accept that it was time to allow others to step into the limelight for a minute because it was deserved.  Because it was earned.

No.  Listening to the voices of those who have suffered was stealing the limelight.  Stealing focus.  Driving those who had their power lessened to allow others to have equal amounts into the arms of a man who will damn well make sure they get their power back.

And those who have suffered before will now suffer again.

Photo credit D Williams

Photo credit D Williams

The KKK are joyful.  The neo-nazis are celebrating.  The woman hating, minority hating, people of America are finally making their country great again, because damn other human beings who don’t look like they do, don’t think like they do, were being given too much humanity.

They are making their country great again for themselves.  And it is everyone else who will suffer.

Is it our fault?  Did we speak too much?  Raise our voices too loudly?  Point out too many flaws?  Did we feel too much outrage and disgust?  Did we campaign too hard?  Did we mock the ridiculous too freely?

Is it our fault?

No it sure as hell isn’t.  It’s the fault of those who voted for him.  It is the fault of those who encouraged him and supported him.  It is his fault.

Feel like your voice isn’t heard?  Well too fucking bad.  Welcome to life.  Welcome to the lives of every person who you have managed to put back by fifty years in electing this man.  Your voice isn’t heard as loudly as it was but it is still heard, and you’ve made sure it’s heard scratching it’s way back to a point of being allowed to suppress those inconvenient men and women around you who for some reason believe they’re equal.

I am in mourning.  Good people will suffer.  And this victory is being heralded as a revolution that could spread to Europe and the rest of the world.  And then I won’t just be angry for my fellow humans in America, I will be angry for everyone here too.

The hate storm that surrounded the Trump campaign was not only accepted and tolerated by so many who didn’t fight it with every ounce of humanity they had, but it was celebrated.

There is so much hatred in the world.  There is so much cruelty.

And we are being told to sit down, shut up, and take it.  Because if we don’t, we might upset them, and then we’ll suffer even more.  We will lose even more.

Sit down, shut up, and take it.


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