Rose’s Blod

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My work is almost all done at a computer.  I write my blog and my books, work on marketing and promotion, from my laptop at home whilst I am raising my children.  I work between activities with my children and jobs around the house, starting whenever I get up, usually around 5.   Because of this Miss Rose is used to seeing me sitting at the computer.

“What are you writing?” she’ll ask me.

When she turns on her Kindle and sees my books on the bookshelf she gets thrilled, often opening them and looking at the words and telling me I wrote it.  When I tell her I’m writing a blog she asks what it’s about, always grinning ear to ear if I say it’s one about her.

She started “writing” in her My Little Pony notebook.  Scribbled swirls and spikes with different coloured pens she declares are chapters of her book or articles in her “blod”.  I love it.  She’s emulating me, which is adorable, but mostly because this is where it starts.  This is where the love of storytelling and words begins and she’s discovering it now.

Today she told me she wants to write a real blog.  She wanted a blog on the computer like my blog.  She wanted to write “Rose’s Blod”.

Whilst she was at nursery I set it up.  She loves rainbows more than anything so I made her a logo with rainbow coloured roses.

J.J. Barnes, Siren Stories, Rose's Blod,, Rose And Mum And More, Mummy Blogger, Parenting Blog

Rose’s Blod

I named it Rose’s Blod for her because that’s what she wanted to call it.  Her little speech impediment is so much part of how she speaks that it made sense that if she’s going to be speaking through the computer then that should be shown.  Plus it’s bloody adorable.  I set it up through my own website and made an “About” page to explain what would be going on.

Then I waited until she got home and I showed her.  She was ecstatic.

The first post I typed and she dictated.  She told a story about butterflies.  We added photos and then posted it.  Her very first blog post.  A story she shared with the world.

Almost immediately a friend posted a comment, complimenting her words.

That was it.  She was bitten by the bug.

I am so happy for her.  Writing, both fiction and non fiction, gives me so much happiness and a purpose in life like no other.  If she gets that, feels that, finds that, then she has found joy.  A writer’s life is special.  Miss Rose is special.

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Thanks as always for reading, and I’ll speak to you soon I hope!


2 responses to “Rose’s Blod

  1. My great aunt was called Blod – short for Blodwyn (a Welsh name). I named my first car after her. I hope Rose’s blod has as many adventures as my car did!



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